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B2B Product And Customer Experience Software | Truthlab

From Painful to Delightful

Truthlab’s comprehensive B2B SaaS solution helps you identify and understand pain points, turning them into delightful product experiences by supporting your work in a cohesive, non-intrusive format. Now, your work can shine in a new light.

B2B Product And Customer Experience Software | Truthlab B2B Product And Customer Experience Software | Truthlab B2B Product And Customer Experience Software | Truthlab

Researchers (UXR)

Research you can believe in…because it’s yours

Use the all-in-one product and customer experience research platform that trims analysis time in half, driving faster recommendations to enhance performance.

The UX Researcher Experience

If you’re a UX Researcher, your calendar may be full of live participant sessions. Finding a way to save time on asset management and focus more on customers is essential. With Truthlab, workflows are streamlined with features like “Quick Start”. See how Truthlab can simplify your research process.

Researcher Workflow | Using “Quick Start”

Product Managers

Trim your development time and offer a seamless B2B product experience

You’ve got your development cycle figured out, but struggle to get the information you need to build a quality product because the tools you use to gather input are disparate and fail to meet basic needs for insight gathering. With one platform, you can get the information you need in a measurable and actionable format and cut the discovery and recommendation time by more than half.

Product Manager Experience

Product teams understand that integrating customers into the product development cycle can be…well, messy. Truthlab offers tools that cleanly fit into his B2B product feedback cycle. Take a look at our favorite features or for a closer look, Request a Demo

Features We Love | Live Notes & Collaboration Tools

CX/UX Leaders

Make an Authentic Connection

Statistics are crucial, but they can only get you so far and collecting meaningful data can be challenging. With Truthlab, you’ll curate rich content that is both measurable and actionable so you can respond to respond to your customers’ needs through thoughtful and effective design solutions.

Life as an Experience Leader

Understanding the customer and ensuring that the customer experience is seamless is where UX and CX Leaders are at their best. Truthlab enables Experience Leaders to focus on that connection to the customer and their product experience rather than managing hours of recorded test sessions.

Share Product Feedback Quickly | Watch Our Video

Higher Education Leaders

Watch, Learn & Engage

Whether live or post session, watching participant interaction with your prototypes and applications is crucial to comprehensive understanding of human interaction and experience. But, understanding is only the tip of the iceberge. Truthlab gives you tools to engage with your participant sessions and take them to the next step.

Research in Higher Education

Research is a way of life in higher education. While research methods have evolved, technology is still trying to catch-up. Truthlab is closing the gap for Higher Education leaders with advanced interactive research analysis, repository management, and interactive templates. Take a look below to see how we can help.

Flexible Templates | Scripts & Guides


Discover Industry Solutions

From B2B to Higher Education, Truthlab works with you to help you meet your objectives in a way that is uniquely suited to meet your needs. We offer a personal touch that is needed to help you assess your organization’s experience with a comprehensive approach.

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