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Solutions to Amplify
Your Product Experience

Truthlab is amplifying time-tested research models by connecting them in one digital platform. Enhance your research quality and speed up analysis with our real-time session recording and note-taking and interactive and measurable transcripts, surveys and theming.

B2B Solutions

Help Them Feel Connected

Build customer loyalty through continuous feedback cycles to listen and respond to customer input.

Research Quick Start

Live Note-Taking

Clips from Transcripts

Theming & Recommendations

Higher Education Solutions

Academic Research Empowered

Predictions made from surveys can set the stage, but you need real evidence to support your experience objectives. Using your personally curated tester panel, you can prepare a measurable script in recorded moderated or unmoderated sessions. By injecting Truthlab Survey Elements into your script, you can create questions or task prompts and record responses as measured against actual interaction with your product.

Collaborative Script Creation

Moderated Sessions

Interactive Transcripts

The CX Advantage

White Paper

In study after study, the technology analyst firm Gartner details the rise and persistence of Customer Experience over the past five plus years. B2B companies are making Customer Experience a top priority in order to distinguish themselves from competition. Find out how your company can be a part of this movement.

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