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Truthlab, B2B customer journey mapping tools

Our CXM Solution

The current customer feedback loop takes weeks and doesn't fit into anyone's release cycles. With Truthlab, you get instant insights to make critical changes.

What you once paid agencies or tester recruiting applications to do is now on demand.

Truthlab allows you to get the insights that are buried within thousands of hours of user research videos without requiring you or your team watching a single frame.

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Driven by the speed of insights, the Truthlab CXM platform meets the daily demands faced by Marketing teams.

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Product Managers

Understand and map the customer journey with custom interactive data visualizations that identify key product opportunities.

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Experience Designers

Identify and analyze audience segments by connecting your user research panel to customizable personas.

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Create Better Customer Experiences

Learn how Truthlab can help you track, measure and improve every aspect of your customers’ journey.