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CX Leaders Grow
Substantially Faster than Laggards

From 2010 to 2015, the Compound Average Revenue Growth
rate for CX Leaders was 17% compared to 4% for Laggards.
*Source: “Customer Experience Drives Revenue Growth,” June 2016, Forrester Research

Truthlab Research Module

Automatically Extract Insights and Act Upon Them

The Truthlab Research Module enables your team to begin immediately receiving actionable insights from your qualitative and historical customer data, including videos, audio and text.

The Research Module consists of three sections:

Truthlab, B2B customer experience platform dashboard


Manage your own participants and customer advisory boards

Filter panelists and create static or smart lists

Smart audience lists automatically add and remove panelists based on your filter settings

Easy onboarding of any tester including employees or contractors either by name or leveraging existing collaboration tools (i.e., Slack, Yammer, Chatter)

Truthlab, B2B customer experience platform research


Configure and automate testing of digital properties (live or prototypes)

Does not require any custom integration

Distribute to panelists by link or Smart Audiences

Define success criteria for Success/Failure testing

Conduct moderated and/or unmoderated research in a matter of minutes.

Truthlab, B2B customer experience platform insights


Watch live moderated and unmoderated user test sessions in an interactive platform.

Work with full video transcript and video clipping to make actionable observations and share them in seconds

Upload historical studies to get them transcribed and generate insights immediately.

Quickly issue spot and gain qualitative understanding to improve negative experiences


of companies believe that customer experience will be their primary basis for competition in 2016 versus 36% four years ago.

—Gartner Research

Why Truthlab?

We have a solution for every member of your team

UX/UI Researchers

Insights at a fraction of the time and cost

Aggregated reporting to show success/ failure stats

Spend less time gathering data and more time making decisions

UX Designers

See clips of users interacting with your product

Quickly identify design pain points

Instantly share feedback with your team

Product Managers

On-demand insights keep you ahead of release cycles

Discover the ‘why’ behind your quantitative data

Receive feedback from real users


of your time can be saved by collecting and processing qualitative data with Truthlab.

Truthlab’s UX research platform automatically creates highlight reels of my customer videos so I can get to the most important parts without watching hours of videos.

UI/UX Manager
Fortune 500 Tech Company

There’s value in watching each user complete a task using our product, but my team and I don’t have time to watch all those videos.

Kevin Boodtama | Senior Designer

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