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In one platform, you can access interactive and measurable surveys, scripts, videos, transcripts, notes, theming, clips…need we say more?

Product Experience (PX)

Get Them Results Faster

Remove barriers that are holding your customers back from achieving their goals by quickly identifying product deficiencies and making recommendations for improvement.

Live Note-Taking

Sentiment Tracking

Observation Prioritization

Theming & Recommendations

Research & Feedback (UXR)

Give Them a Voice

Your customers’ input is a valuable asset. With Truthlab, they’ll have a platform that records their product interaction and produces an interactive and actionable audio-visual transcript to take the next step toward improving their experience.

Collaborative Script Creation

Moderated Sessions

Unmoderated Sessions

Theming & Recommendations

The CX Advantage

White Paper

In study after study, the technology analyst firm Gartner details the rise and persistence of Customer Experience over the past five plus years. B2B companies are making Customer Experience a top priority in order to distinguish themselves from competition. Find out how your company can be a part of this movement.

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