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Watch Our 60 Second Introduction.

Patrick Donnelly, Truthlab CEO & Co-Founder, discusses the customer experience evolution from a sales-driven mind-set to that of a product and customer-centric model.


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So my background is in sales and, really, one of the critical components of a successful sales organization is making sure that the experience for the buyer on the other side is a great one. And all that can be challenging when selling something to somebody, early in my career, it really opened my eyes to really making sure that that process was a seamless and easy one for customers to buy. The more difficult you make that, the more difficult it is to grow your business and so while customer experience is certainly been at the forefront, for sales organizations, for many, many years, it really has been for selfish reasons; right, in order to to grow the business.


That’s why Scott and myself started Truthlab. It was really to focus in around, you know, the customer, their perspective, and really their experience initially here on the product side, but also expanding later to support or sales and customer success and really understanding the entire lifecycle of the customer throughout their entire time, all the way through to renewal to really become – really all about the experience now. And, while customer experience is certainly a popular buzzword and one that is, while simple to say not easy to define, it’s really becoming critical for companies to do a great job of in order to secure that renewal as we move to a subscription economy. While that’s commonplace on the software side of the house, really the entire world is moving to a subscription economy. It’s critical that the experience that your customer has with your organization, whether it be with interacting with employees or with your products is a great one.


Each year as you go for a renewal with a customer it’s really critical that you go and get their vote and in years past it was signed somebody up and that relationship was five to ten years no matter what happened just because the amount of investment now this subscription it requires you to go and and get that vote each and every year and so it’s critical that you make sure that that experience is a great one.