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Watch Our 60 Second Introduction.

Truthlab Technical Co-Founder talks about how B2B products are becoming more human with the rise of customer experience.





My name is Scott Hutchins, I’m technical co-founder here at Truthlab. I’m a serial entrepreneur and an engineer.


It’s an exciting time here at Truthlab. We are a company that blends a lot of different technologies and technical solutions to be able to build a solution that so far has never existed and really we’re able to do this because of where artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing in computer vision have gotten to to the point where you can be a start-up like Truthlab and leverage all of those things together and really pick and choose where you’d like to develop net new solutions that solve an idiosyncratic problem while still leveraging open source and other cutting edge and leading-edge technologies to be able to deploy solutions that customers had never seen before.


So the main way that we look at doing this is, if a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a video’s worth, you know, 60 thousand words per second and, we find a way to start flowing that rich information content to dimensions that products leaders really care about. And, as well, make it actionable.


Earlier, customer experience platforms were really built upon asking customers what they thought based off of rigid surveyed questions: What’s most important to you; this or that? How do you think about this? How do you rate this on a score from 1 to 10?


And, a lot of times, things aren’t that simplistic. They aren’t that one dimensional to map to specific fields in a survey.
But, we’ve gotten to a spot where you can take these unstructured conversations or unstructured user videos, process them at a scale, that before, would have required years of professional service work, and be able to constrict that into a design cycle, so you can record things, crunch through the data, extract the insight and move that into a two-week sprint or be able to review that within minutes after your meeting is done.  Being able to extract these insights, retain these insights and be able to share them – it is super critical.


So the space as a whole is really starting to come together. And, the beauty of the space is that it’s one that’s more human.