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Customer Experience, Technology

Press Release: Truthlab Reports Strong New Customer Growth and Launches HEAP for Colleges

3 minute read | By: Patrick K. Donnelly

Press Release: SAN MATEO, CA — September 21, 2018

Truthlab, the Customer Experience Management (CXM) technology leader for B2B companies, today announced strong customer growth and business momentum for the 1st half of 2018, including the addition of major new clients and a 300% growth in revenue during the company’s second quarter ending July 31st. Since the beginning of this year, the total active users on the Truthlab CXM platform have increased by more than 400%.

The Truthlab CXM platform is used by product managers, UI/UX designers and marketers to track, measure and improve every aspect of their customers’ journey, enabling the creation of better products and an optimal user experience.

In addition, Truthlab rolled out a unique new initiative called HEAP (Higher Education and Academic Program), that is empowering the next generation of customer experience and usability pros with free access to Truthlab’s industry-leading CXM technology platform.

“Truthlab’s strong growth in new clients, revenue and active users reflects the growing recognition by B2B companies that their customers’ overall experience is a crucial differentiator and competitive advantage,” said Patrick K. Donnelly, founder and CEO of Truthlab, Inc. “The fact is, we are now operating in the Experience Economy, where business is won or lost based on the interactions customers have with your brand and products at every step of their customer journey. CXM is now a strategic imperative in the B2B world, just as it’s long been for consumer brands.”

Truthlab Adds Major New Clients

During the past few months, Truthlab has greatly expanded its roster of new clients using the company’s proven CXM technology solutions, resulting in 300% revenue growth compared to the prior quarter.

Truthlab’s major new clients include:

• McKesson Corporation – The world’s largest drug distribution and healthcare services company.
• Flex Ltd. – A global electronics manufacturing enterprise based in the Bay Area.
• Macmillan – A leading a global trade book publishing company.

“Understanding, monitoring and continuously improving the customer experience is rapidly becoming an essential strategy for B2B companies, and that requires software in today’s high velocity business environment,” said Donnelly. “This is especially true for SaaS technology companies, who live or die by consistent contract renewals, which depend on customer satisfaction and success.”

"Truthlab allows us to keep our product experience research on pace with aggressive engineering release cycles. We are able to now do more and stay within deadlines."

- Charles Shimooka, Director, Digital Marketing, Corporate Marketing, McKesson Corporation

Digital Marketing Director for Corporate Marketing at McKesson Corporation, Charles Shimooka said “Truthlab allows us to keep our product experience research on pace with aggressive engineering release cycles. We are able to now do more and stay within deadlines.”

Truthlab Launches HEAP to Empower Future Customer Experience Pros

With its new HEAP (Higher Education and Academic Program) initiative, Truthlab is providing graduate students with free access to the Truthlab CXM technology platform so they can conduct product usability and user interface research to further their studies and expand their professional skills.

HEAP provides students with powerful usability and customer experience research tools that ordinarily they would not have had access to. “The HEAP initiative gives access to Truthlab which allows departments and students the power of an Enterprise Usability Platform that they would not ordinarily be able to afford.” Donnelly commented.

“We are excited that HEAP will offer grad students free access to Truthlab’s best-in-class usability research technology, enabling them to advance their studies and careers by conducting in-depth, real-time product research,” Donnelly said. “It’s gratifying to all of us at Truthlab that HEAP is helping to nurture the next generation of customer experience leaders.”

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Truthlab builds Customer Experience Management (CXM) products and solutions that enable companies to drive customer satisfaction, retention and advocacy by helping them to create and maintain better relationships. Truthlab’s CXM platform uses advanced technologies, including A.I., to orchestrate the collection and analysis of disparate customer data, instantly transforming that information into actionable insights. Armed with these insights, customer experience leaders, product managers, marketers, and UI/UX designers can deliver amazing experiences across the entire customer journey. Based in San Mateo, CA, Truthlab is backed by leading investors. To learn more, visit

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