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In their article Physical fights back, design firm, Fjord, addresses the changing role of design as technology becomes more advanced. No doubt, you have seen this trend in your daily experiences as well. Technology is increasingly integrated with every-day objects and life. Customers across channels demand dynamic, interactive, and integrated products to meet their professional and personal needs.

As designers, we are being challenged to meet these needs in new ways. New technologies as well as new ways of thinking of existing technologies are helping designers meet these challenges. Phygital Design, design that blends the physical and digital, is becoming not only popularized, but necessary. B2B designers can add value to products and services by integrating physical and digital design and creating products and experiences that not only delight, but also meet the needs of the situation and environment by facilitating interactions and processes.

So, now is the time to get out there, get to work and meet the challenges of Phygital Design! Right!


Okay, it’s not always that easy. If you’re like me, you’re always looking for interesting ideas to help get started on new initiatives and take projects to the next level. And as such, we are offering said inspiration here for you today as we look at designs that blend both physical and digital product experiences. Take a look:

Banking & Finance: Using kiosks, beacons and touch to facilitate interactions. The Social Swipe – A Phygital Marketing Experience that integrates a video billboard advertisement with a card swipe payment feature.

Barclaycard Dine & Dash: A Phygital Payment Experience for dining out.


Collaborative Work & Education: Changing work by creating interactive touch surfaces integrated with voice, desktop and mobile devices.

Nureva Span:


Modern meetings: Microsoft 365, Cortana, Power BI:


Logistics: Vision Picking: Using smart glasses to streamline processes.




Healthcare: Using voice and remote interaction to improve patient care.

InTouch Health Telehealth Network: Remote interaction to support patient care


Smashing Ideas: Nurse’s Assistant, Patient Empowered Healthcare: Using Conversational UI, Voice Design to support patient care:


The present and future of design is phygital and the challenge is for designers to translate and integrate two-dimensional design for screens into multi-dimensional design for both the physical and digital environment.


Additional reference:


SMART kapp Farming:

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Amanda Morgan

UI Designer

Amanda Morgan
Amanda Morgan

Amanda Morgan

UI Designer

More from this author

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