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Understand & Improve
Your Product Experience

Use Truthlab’s all-in-one B2B product experience and research software to trim analysis time in half and drive faster recommendations to enhance performance.

Finally, a comprehensive
research platform…seriously.

You have a lot to accomplish and a little time to do it. So, use the right tool to save time and meet your product experience and research goals. Start with asset creation, including interactive scripts, participant emails and landing pages and team collaboration, then interact with live participant sessions, and finally cut analysis time by more than half with video and transcript clipping, theme prioritization, sorting and recommendations.

Research you can believe in…
because it’s yours.

Truthlab Truthlab Truthlab Truthlab Truthlab

Don’t just believe us. Do your research.

Lauren McKenzie

Head of User Research

“The Truthlab platform allows us to quickly turn-around qualitative research and easily share with colleagues in Product and Engineering. The repository makes it easy to store, search and share completed research.”

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Mike Patchen

Head of Employee Experience

“What used to take six weeks using multiple tools now can be completed in days with just Truthlab. The ability to easily share results internally has made my team heroes!”

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Cheryl Chavez

Chief Product Officer

“The power of quantitative data from Pendo combined with qualitative user feedback from Truthlab has allowed us to build great products that our customers love! Internally we are able to share information with Engineering in real-time and keep release cycles on schedule.”

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Dr. Dinko Bacic

Head of Research Studies

“The Truthlab Higher Education Program allows both students and faculty to easily conduct and share research. Having access to Truthlab better prepares students for their career after graduation.”

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